Mission and Vision

Our mission is to support, celebrate, and empower unaccompanied immigrant youth as they adjust to life in New York.

Our vision is a world where youth are supported far and wide regardless of immigration status, gender, ethnicity, race, religion, or ability, and have equal opportunity to thrive.

The Boaz Organization for Youth was founded to address the unmet needs of unaccompanied immigrant youth in New York City and surrounding areas. We seek to join the force of agencies and community-based organizations that have risen to great heights to adapt to the five-fold increase of unaccompanied minors entering the US since 2012. We respond to the need for more social service providers and mental health professionals dedicated specifically to unaccompanied minors in New York City and surrounding areas.

We provide individualized, holistic, and compassionate care for each young client and ensure that they thrive in all aspects of their life.¬†We work to keep the world’s promise to children: that they may¬†develop to their full potential, no matter their status, situation or identity.